Although the discharge of dioxin containing pollutants ceased a number of years ago, dioxin is persistent and is still found in fish in varying concentrations in sections of the river.

The Dioxin report

The Dioxin report was done by a Bowdoin student to explain dioxin for non-scientists.  This links to Dioxin Report done by Bowdoin Student Intern Philip Langley in 2008.

Water Quality Sampling

The link below provides a summary of the Water Quality Sampling Data collected by staff and volunteers in the summer of 2012.  

The program involves sampling water twice a month at one or more stations on the Androscoggin River.  We use mobile testing equipment that is calibrated at the beginning of the testing season and field calibrated during the sampling.  Monitoring during the warmer summer months of July and August is particularly helpful.

The link below is a report done by Philip Langley, a Bowdoin Student Intern, on water quality in the Upper Androscoggin River in 2008.

We appreciate the work of our volunteer samplers and are always seeking additional help.  Contact us at Trek@androscogginwatershed.org if you are interested.

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