The goals of the Androscoggin River Watershed Council are:

  1. Advocate and support environmentally responsible economic, community and recreational development
    • Promote recreational uses, especially through increased access and responsible, low-impact activities
    • Respect local concerns and private property rights
  1. Advocate and support continued improvement of the natural environment
    • Promote sustainable use of the lands and natural resources on the watershed
    • Promote programs to protect important habitat and improve existing habitat
    • Promote programs to improve water quality
    • Promote pollution prevention programs
  1. Provide educational opportunities in support of the ARWC mission
    • Promote the historic and cultural aspects of the watershed
    • Promote greater understanding and appreciation for the interconnectedness of watershed resources
  1. Encourage inter-community and inter-state cooperation and planning that recognizes the human and natural resources of the watershed
  1. Actively develop and maintain broad-based involvement in  the ARWC
    • Support sub-regional and local groups
    • Promote communication and cooperation among all interests, including these outside the watershed, in carrying out the ARWC mission
    • Promote grass roots community involvement, especially through community conferences and special events to implement future goals
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